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Savanna Times Theater to Reopen After Brief Closure

Sav Times Theater_Colgans new owners.tif

Jeri Colgan and her husband, Chip, will be taking over the Savanna Times Theater, and plan to reopen the theater in early September. (PA photo/Michael Miller)

By MICHAEL MILLER | For The Prairie Advocate News

SAVANNA – There’s a saying that goes “when one door closes, another one opens” and that’s literally true for the Savanna Times Theater.

The venerable business, which was closed in 2008, only to be reopened shortly afterward, closed again recently, with “The Dark Knight Rises” being it’s last shown film. However, the theater will very shortly be reopening once again, under new stewardship.

Jeri Colgan and her husband, Chip are now readying the theater for it’s projected early September debut under their tenure. Colgan says that she and her husband had been frequent patrons of the theater and would like to see a theater stay in Savanna. She says that they’ve been cleaning and decorating the theater in preparation for their opening day, with plans to feature a free movie for patrons on that day.

Asked about what types of changes customers are likely to see in this business, Colgan says that they plan to make the theater available for party rentals to those interested, and that another goal is to feature new movies every weekend. She adds that current plans are to be open 7 days a week, until they ascertain which days might be a bit slower.