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Lanark Public Library Dedication & Donor Brunch

Be sure to read the Poem below the photos!

Lanark Library Dedication_Bivins.tif

Lanark Library Director Janie Dollinger (L) and Mayor John Huggins (C) greet Illinois Senator Tim Bivins (R-45), one of several guests of honor attending the Lanark Public Library Dedication on Saturday, June 29.

Lanark Library Dedication_Lindsays.tif

Nearly 100 “Friends” of the Lanark Public Library, including the Lindsay Clan, were treated to a Donor Brunch at the Heritage Center after the Library Dedication. As a major donor, the Lindsay Family Library Enrichment Fund was made possible through the generosity of the late Joyce (Teenie) Lindsay Dole and Luanne & Richard Cloyd, as well as Jim & Doris Lindsay, Michael & Katherine Lindsay, and Gladys Lindsay.

Lanark Library Dedication_Donor Tree.tif

Luann Cloyd, daughter of Joyce (Teenie) Lindsay Dole (L), representing the Lindsay Family Library Enrichment Fund, and Janie Dollinger, Director of the Lanark Library, unveil the “Donor Wall,” a beautiful rendition created by artist Rachel Tempel Burkholder, and nicely framed by woodworker John Warner. The Donor Tree hangs in the foyer of the Lanark Municipal Building. (PA Photos/Tom Kocal)

Lanark Library Dedication_Music.tif

During the Donor Brunch at the Heritage Center, attendees were treated to music by (L to R) Selena Markley (harp) and Dana Frank Tautz (Dulcimer). Mary Brinkmeier with the Friends of the LPL served refreshments, while Pastor Kathryn Ling and Tom Weber chat before the recognition program. The marvelous brunch was catered by Melissa McLain and served by the Friends of the LPL.

Lanark Library Dedication_Quilt.tif

Nancy Cartwright, representing the Lake Carroll Quilt Guild, presents their gift to the Lanark Public Library. The words “Readers Are Leaders” embellish the wall hanging, which will be mounted on the inside left wall of the library.


Tribute To The New Lanark Library

The following is a lovely poem written and read by Diana Searby, Lanark Postmistress, during the Lanark Public Library Donor Lunch, held at the Heritage Center on saturday, June 29:

The Lanark Library would like to put down its history in words that rhyme.

Like the beginning of any story, it starts with “Once upon a time . . .”

In 1886 forty individuals all with a big heart

Gave one dollar each so the Lanark Library could have it’s start.

It was located upstairs of an old bank, the building has since fallen down.

All the books were lugged upstairs so they could be checked out in this town.

Approximately the year of 1900 the Lanark residents were awed

When their library moved upstairs of 102 N. Broad.

About twenty years later, moving the books became quite a feat

When they were all moved to 120 S. Princess Street.

In 1944 the library caused a big sensation

When it moved all the books back to it’s original location.

In the year 1957 even more books were sorted

As the Lanark Public Library became tax supported.

112 W. Locust was the Lanark Library’s next fate

Now apartments, it moved there in the year 1958.

124 E. Carroll became it’s location in 1972.

(It’s currently the Hollow Fence Post, to give you a clue).

In 1977 the library was at 110 W. Carroll, where it was for many years

It’s second to last location, or so it appears.

In 2103 the library went a full cycle as 11B S. Broad was it’s final destination

That is why June 29th is it’s Grand Opening Celebration!

Once a vision for the future, or so it would seem

Now it is reality, what once was only a dream!

When you first enter going in the front door

You’ll be greeted with a smile from Janie Dollinger the director!

A wall hanging made by Nancy of the Lake Carroll Quilt Guild is on the wall

That says: “Readers are Leaders” an inspiration for all.

If you come in thirsty on any sweltering day

Feel free to get a drink from the water cooler donated by Elkay.

If you missed the maple leaf ceiling tiles, it would sure be a pity

Since the 1880’s Lanark has been known as the “Maple City”.

Another accomplishment that the Lanark Public Library hails

It’s a member of Reaching Across Illinois Library System, known as R.A.I.L.S.

Thanks to the treasurer Sue Sauer who paid all bills for the new library

To Joyce Lindsay (Teenie) Dole for her gift from the Lanark High School class of 1943.

Thanking everyone who helped make this happen would be hard

But we also want to thank Jan Gillfillan who wrote many a thank you card.

Thanks to the library staff: Cindy, Elizabeth and Jim who work on any given day

And in conclusion we especially want to say: