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The Elizabeth Meteorite

Diane Sipiera, Mike Dittmar.tif

Planetary Studies Foundation Executive Director Diane Sipiera and Village of Elizabeth President Michael Dittmar with the Elizabeth Meteorite.

The Planetary Studies Foundation is an internationally recognized meteorite research institution that is involved with the recovery and classification of new meteorites. One of the PSF’s latest meteorite discoveries is directly related to the Village of Elizabeth, Illinois.

Originally acquired at a local estate auction, this unassuming chunk of metal turned out to be an actual iron meteorite. After extensive chemical analyses and study it has been certified by the Meteoritical Society as the Elizabeth, Illinois meteorite. Our Elizabeth meteorite is only the tenth to be found in Illinois, but represents the second to be recovered in Jo Daviess County.

Diane Sipiera will explain what a meteorite really is and share her knowledge of these space rocks. This event will take place at 1:00pm on Saturday, May 18th at the 1876 Banwarth House & Museum located at 408 E. Sycamore Street in the Village of Elizabeth next to the Apple River Fort Interpretive Center. Admission is a $3.00 donation per person and free for PSF members. For more information or to reserve a seat, please contact Diane at 815-858-2014 or