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Two Down, Two To Go

Ron Kallemeyn For The Prairie Advocate News

One item on the agenda at the City Council Meeting on Monday, February 8, 2010 was the discussion of the properties on East Lincolnway that have been the subject of some controversy over the past several weeks.

The discussion was centered around the issuance of Certificates of Appropriateness issued by the Morrison Historic Preservation Commission on January 12, 2010. These certificates allow the owner of the properties at 522 and 526 East Lincolnway to demolish and clear the properties. Of course the owner of the properties, the Jackson-Lincoln Land Trust, needs permission to tear down all four of the houses before any new land development can take place.

The council also passed a special use ordinance to Gary Milnes on behalf of KC Milnes to allow for the operation of a motorcycle repair and accessories shop on the upper level of the building located at 126 East Lincolnway which was the old catholic church. This business, KC’Z Cycle has been in operation in Morrison for 5 years at 647 E. Lincolnway. Gary explained that he would not be changing anything on the outside of the building. He would be adding a lift to the inside that would allow him to get the motorcycles to the upper level of the building.

Another special use was looked at for a fitness center for the lower level of 126 East Lincolnway. This special use was applied for by Gary Milnes on behalf of Weston Burkholder of Lanark. This fitness center would utilize a separate entrance than the motorcycle repair shop above. No action could be taken at this meeting because a text amendment needs to be done to the zoning code to include “fitness center” in a C-1 Central Business District before the special use can be granted.

This meeting was the first meeting where the bills were handled in the new method. The bills are divided into the Bills Paid and Bills Payable. There was some questions from the public and Administrator Long attempted to explain it.

In essence, the Bills Paid list is all the bills that are required for the normal everyday operation of the city. The list includes bills for supplies, postage, utilities and other operational expenses. The idea is to allow for the prompt payment of these bills to avoid late payments or to get early payment discounts that the city misses out on when council action is required before payment.

The bills payable are all the bills that require council action and review before paying. These would include things like construction bills and other irregular bills. Both the Bills Paid and Bills Payable were approved by the council.

Other items of interest include the approval of a $119,899.71 payment to Key Builders for construction costs at 101 West Main Street. The council also approved the Morrison Sports Complex Field Reservation/ Allocation and Use Policy and Concession policies. Also for the sports complex they approved the purchase of a 4WD John Deere Gator /w plow and cab for $14,183.00.

The next work session meeting will be Monday, February 22, 2010 at 7 P.M. at City Hall.



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