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New ‘Antique’ Tractor Building Will Be Ready For 2013

CCFair_Tractor Barn done.tif

Progress is being made. The Carroll County Fair is happy to say the “new” Antique Tractor building is going up!

Two days before the 2012 Fair, a storm blew through the grounds demolishing our Antique Tractor building and severely damaging the Rabbit Barn. The blessings of living in a small town is what happened next.

Approximately 90 volunteers appeared, asking what they could do to help. Clean-up began and within hours the remaining shell of the Antique tractor barn was gone and the Rabbit Barn was secured, ready for the bunnies to come.

Thanks to some volunteer contractors, heavy equipment operators, post hole diggers, and the laborers that never quit, who all just happened to be on the grounds! We cannot thank enough the generosity of so many people that obviously have a big heart and a soft spot for the annual fair.

CCFair_Tractor Barn Constr.tif

We would love to name each of you individually, but you know who you are and I hope you know how instrumental you were in making the 60th Carroll County Fair happen without a hitch. You made a difference that without you could not have happened so expertly.

As you can see we are almost ready for boat and camper storage on Saturday, October 20th from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. thanks to Milledgeville Farmers Elevator and LandMark Homes. From the entire Carroll County Fair Association, we thank you!

(Courtesy of Liz Hutchison)